The Whitewashing Of Naomi Osaka

By si.robi – Osaka WMQ15 (6), CC BY-SA 2.0, This young lady is a strong bi-racial woman that reps her Japanese and Haitian roots.

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Funny or Not Cowboy fans?

Cowboys fans will not think this is too funny….   Cowboys’ fans peeping Twitter right now. — Nicole (@NicoleJade525) September 9, 2018

College of the Ozarks Drops Nike Over Colin Kaepernick Ad

More information on the college in Missouri that stopped using Nike apparel Source: College of the Ozarks Drops Nike Over Colin Kaepernick Ad

Serena Williams angrily accuses umpire of lying after being penalised for coaching violation | The Independent

Serena Williams got a raw deal today WOW! The young lady that won did play well but WOW! Umpires are not supposed to be the

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The Decision 3

We have been here twice before, but this time it is different. LeBron James has reportedly said he will not make a spectacle of his

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‘Luke Cage’ creator Cheo H. Coker says season two is thick with sports themes and guest appearances — The Undefeated

Supposedly, the way to pitch a Hollywood movie is to either combine two existing movies to explain your pitch (“It’s Hidden Figures meets Die Hard!”),

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Report: Some ‘star’ players consider sitting out until Kaepernick, Reid have jobs

Change happens when people take a stand. The players can bring attention to the original reason that Kaepernick took a knee by sitting out and

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