Judge Says North Carolina Illegally Purged Voter Lists – NBC News

Judge Loretta Biggs said the right to vote “cannot be sacrificed when citizens through no fault of their own have been removed from the voter

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RNC halts Victory project work for Trump – POLITICO

POLITICO obtains email sent to vendors to ‘hold/stop’ all mail program efforts. Source: RNC halts Victory project work for Trump – POLITICO

Trump tells terminally ill voters to hang on until Election Day: ‘I don’t care how sick you are’


Member of ‘Central Park 5’ blasts Trump


Trump Tries To Cover For His Horrid Dwayne Wade Tweet, Makes An Even Bigger Fool Of Himself (TWEET) ‹ Winning Democrats


Soldier Who Served With Humayun Khan Won’t Vote For Trump After He Criticized Family

“But we can’t afford for our Commander In Chief to keep messing up like this, there are too many lives on the line,” Sgt. Angela McIntyre, who served with Humayan Khan, told BuzzFeed News. “Ultimately, the military is controlled by words.”

Appeals Court Rejects Strict North Carolina Voting Law – NBC News

A federal appeals court on Friday rejected a North Carolina voting law seen as the strictest in the nation. Source: Appeals Court Rejects Strict North

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