Daily Mail Online Exclusive: Dallas cop who killed her neighbor shared memes likening Colin Kaepernick to cancer

EXCLUSIVE: Dallas cop who killed her black neighbor shared posts likening Colin Kaepernick to cancer and memes saying people were ‘ungrateful she didn’t kill them’

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Community Party Radio hosted by David Samuels on SoMetro Radio Tuesday, September 18 2018

  Community Party Radio on SoMetro Radio returns Tuesday, September 18 Commentary on urban issues from a grassroots perspective   Special Report: Black America Confronts

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Rochester Man Accidentally Burns Home Down After Lighting Nike Shoes On Fire In Protest Of Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Ad – USA TODAY

Rochester, NY – A Rochester man has been arrested after he accidentally burned down his home by attempting to burn a pair of Nike sneakers

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This past weekend we were honored to again broadcast live from The 3rd Annual Clinton R. Allen Youth Speak Out Against Injustice and Police Brutality, hosted by Mothers Against Police Brutality and sponsored by the Colin Kaepernick foundation. As we have mentioned several times in the past and will continue to mention in the future, there would be no CCRS ft Jacey without the Mothers Against Police Brutality organization that was created to honor the memory of Clinton R. Allen. Clinton Allen was unarmed when he was killed by Dallas Police officer Clark Staller on March 13, 2018. Clinton Allen would have been 30 years old this year.

The event again featured powerful testimonials from families who have had a family member killed by law enforcement, people who have been subjected to police harassment and bullying. The event also included a testimony from one of the thousands of families across the country effected by the current administrations cruel immigration policy. We are currently editing the video and audio from 3rd Annual Clinton R. Allen Youth Speak Out Against Injustice and Police Brutality. We will have the video available to stream via our Get Global Network website soon. The audio will be available for our listeners via the CCRS ft Jacey podcast later this week.

New ‘Colin Kaepernick’ docu explores history of athletes who took risks to protest | REVOLT – The #1 Name In Music

Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Curt Flood and more gambled their lifestyles and careers to engage in social activism. Source: New ‘Colin Kaepernick’ docu explores history

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Arian Foster Address Colin Kaepernick Not Standing for Anthem | BSO